IHSEA Winter 21-22 Update News!

There are a lot of exciting things coming for the IHSEA so we wanted to send an email with several important updates, see them below:
– Registration (if you have not already)
– Overwatch and Rocket League LAN events
– Smash Brothers Information
– LoL, Valorant, and Fornite General Information
– GM Training
– Important Announcement regarding tournament personnel

In order to participate in IHSEA activities each school must register with us, which only needs to be done once per year.  If you have not registered yet this year please do so at this link.  Schools who have not filled out registration will not be allowed to participate.  We also have sent notices out to some schools who have yet to pay their yearly fee.  If you are having trouble please let us know, we are more than willing to work with you to make sure your students can participate.

Overwatch and Rocket League LAN finals
The LAN Finals for Overwatch will occur at Scrims Gaming Center (2000 Ogden Ave, Lisle, IL 60532) on Saturday, December 11th at 9am (8am for teams checking in to play).  Space is limited for this event so we will not be opening this event up to everyone.  If you are interested in attending there is a form to fill out.  Only the first 50 will be allowed to enter and only if every person has filled out the form.
The LAN Finals for Rocket League will occur at Illinois Wesleyan University in Normal, IL. The address is 1316 Franklin Avenue, Normal, IL 61761 (NOTE: Use Google Maps, not Apple Maps) on Saturday, December 18th at 9am (8am for teams checking in to play).  ALL are invited to attend this event as there is ample space with a separate viewing area.  ALL attendees do need to fill out this form to guarantee entry into the venue.————————————————-
The next bit of news is about our Smash Brothers and other upcoming tournaments.  If not found here, Rules and Roster submissions will be added at a later date.  Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
Rosters for Friendlies (unlimited players) Due December 19th
Rosters for Tournaments (5 players or less) Due January 9th
Friendlies on Thursday Nights for 7 Weeks Starting January 6th, these are not required to qualify for IHSEA titles
Tournaments on January 22nd (Naperville) and February 19th (Springfield), you must attend both to qualify for IHSEA titles
No JV season, but friendlies available each weekRules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JxrTQc5tEaLbj5V071KV0BUc36mtZ3bTtzUTFoHPBGU/edit?usp=sharingRoster Submission:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe5MvzTmjRzmki5gC6GvSUbTDiJJQnnKj-Btu867wZ-lEgIcg/viewform?usp=sf_link 
League of Legends
Rosters for Season (5 starters, up to 4 bench players) Due TBD, no earlier than January 9th
Match Dates/Times TBD, no earlier than January 14th
Playoff Dates/Times TBD
Schools are allowed up to 1 Varsity team and up to 2 JV teams
The IHSEA is currently working to schedule a LoL event for this year.  In order to properly plan for this event we need to know who is interested in participating.  If 1 GM can fill out this 4 question form  as soon as possible so that we may have an accurate number of schools and teams who would like to participate.  Roster submission and more information will be coming in the next few weeks.
Rosters for Tournaments (5 starters, up to 4 bench players) Due February 13th
Matches on Wednesday Nights for 7 Weeks Starting February 23rd
Playoffs Begin April 13th, LAN Finals April 16th
Schools are allowed up to 1 Varsity team and up to 2 JV teams
Matches will be arena trios with custom codes provided by Epic
Rosters for Tournaments (up to 5 teams of 3) Due February 6th
Matches on Thursdays Nights for 7 Weeks Starting February 24th
Playoffs Occur April 9th, No LAN Final
No JV season, tournament structure TBD based on total number of players

GM Training
We want to make sure your school is up to date.  Has someone from your school attended a GM training?  If nobody has attended yet, please fill out this form to sign up for the next available session.  This is not just a session for new coaches.  We want to make sure at least one of your school’s coaches/sponsors attends this meeting.  We also will be piloting a mentor program soon and may need some feedback and testers if you are interested.  

Last but not least
As he transitions to step down from his role as a tournament organizer, the IHSEA would love to give a shoutout to Chris (Terp) Terpstra from Naperville North High School. Terp has been an integral part of our organization since he joined us in the fall of 2019. He has helped push the high school Overwatch scene in Illinois with his passion and dedication and has grown it over from less than 20 teams in 2019 to over 50 this year. He has done everything from running tournaments, to giving seminars, to shoutcasting games, to editing our documents, and so much more. We can’t thank Terp enough for the years of service and the time he has put in to help improve the experience of all of the students in Illinois. He has been a friend to many of us and a mentor to so many more. While we are sad to see him step down from his position at the IHSEA, we wish him nothing but the best as he focuses on his family both at school and at home.

Thank you Terp!