IHSEA Spring Seasons starting soon! League of Legends and Fortnite Information 01.17.21

We wanted to reach out to all interested parties to let you know about the spring games.  We have both League of Legends and Fortnite coming up very soon.  If your school would like to participate make sure a coach has filled out the Registration Form.  This only needs to be done once a year so if someone has completed this already you may ignore this request.


Please be sure to read all the Rules before signing up your team.  Everyone, STUDENTS and COACHES, should watch the video linked below for Fortnite.  If you have questions you may contact Coach McGhiey in our Discord.  
Important dates:
Rosters Due: JANUARY 26, 2021 AT 11:59 PM
First Week of Matches: FEBRUARY 2ND, 2021 AT 5:00PM

Important Links:
Video Explaining Fornite Rules
Fortnite Rules
Fortnite Roster Submission Form

League of Legends

There WILL be a structured LoL tournament for our schools.  Due to the Community Guidelines by the publisher, Riot Games, we are not allowed to do a standard season format.  If you would like to complain about that please have your students and coaches submit tickets through the Riot games platform or contact the RSAA via email HERE.   

In order to properly plan the upcoming tournaments we are asking 1 coaching representative from each school to fill out the LOL INTEREST FORM that is on our Discord and sent via email. If you need access please email us or contact us via Discord. Complete rules will be sent at a later date.

Preliminary Details for the League of Legends tournament:

  • Initial Tournament to be held in March hosted by a select few of our member schools (see below)
  • Games will be held on consecutive weekends( Fri, Sat, Sun, then the following Sat and Sun)
  • Teams should expect to play each day no matter their record
  • Teams that place in the top tier of the tournament will be seeded into a culminating tournament (date TBD) to determine an overall winner in the state

Host School Requirements and Information:

  • IHSEA will post an initial set of rules and guidelines to follow for each tournament which Host school will need to agree to
  • Host school will designate a tournament delegate to communicate with the IHSEA
  • IHSEA will set up brackets in Challonge and give admin rights to the host schools delegate
  • Host school is responsible for admin decisions (They can inquire with IHSEA Personnel about issues to help with decisions)
  • Host school is responsible for inputting matches and scores (IHSEA Discord can be used for this)
  • Host school will report out their tournament placements

We did not want to host the LoL tournament this way but Riot Games and their Tournament Guidelines prohibit non-profit high school organizations, like ours, from running tournaments the way they see fit.  Again if you would like to complain please email the RSAA.

If you have any questions about the League of Legends tournament feel free to contact Todd McFarlin either via email or on Discord.

Thank you,
Todd McFarlin President/Co-Founder