Welcome to the 20-21 School Year

I hope everyone is doing well with the start of the new school year. We know several of you are facing new challenges; school will look very different this year. We want you to know that the Illinois High School Esports Association is here to support our students and staff to keep our young people and their families safe. We are providing tournaments this fall and spring that will be held remotely whether or not your building is open.

We are excited to start the year with a few big announcements.
Scroll down for the TL:DR

NASEF Affiliate Status
We are officially an affiliate organization for the North American Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF). See our press release for more information. In short NASEF will help us, and more importantly, allow you to run the best program possible at your school. They have resources, friendly staff, and many ways for your club and program to grow and improve. We also will be partnering with them to run 2 tournaments this fall with Overwatch and Rocket League. You must activate your school in order to participate and earn some of the perks for your program. Activate your club here. It is completely free to activate your school. You will also have to sign up your players on the NASEF portal in order to participate in the NASEF affiliate tournaments.

We are expanding our game selections, as well as spreading them out to have a more even balance for the school year. This year we will be running 6 different games through the IHSEA.

Fall Games
NASEF Scholastic Tournaments- First week Oct. 5th
Overwatch (Varsity)
Rocket League (Varsity)

NASEF Community Tournament- First week Oct. 5th
Overwatch (JV)

Rocket League (JV)

Winter Games
Valorant Invitational- 4 qualifying tournaments to make grand final tournament (5 total) First tournament Dec 5th
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate- 2, 4 week online tournaments starting Nov. 16th and Jan 4th

Spring Games
League of Legends (Varsity and JV)- Starting week of Feb 7th
Fortnite- First week Feb 2nd

Registration, Fees, and Meetings
Many schools did not receive their refund last year from the end of the year. Schools may request these funds back or have those funds applied to their current balance for this year. Please inform us what you would like to do with the funds for this year. Currently they cannot refund them through Paypal.

Please fill out this new registration form for this season: Note there is a $50 fee to register your schools for this year. This must be paid before you register for our tournaments this year.

We also are scheduling meetings for coaches before the season starts. On the registration form there are 2 dates to pick from; Friday, August 28th and Saturday, September 5th. We would love for at least 1 representative of your school to attend these meetings to find out what is happening this year as well as ask any questions you may have.

Podcast will be live again very soon
We will be starting our weekly podcast on August 26th at 8:10pm. This again will be held on our Twitch. We plan on having special guests from the gaming industry, collegiate, professional teams, and many other people in the gaming and esports world. We are open to suggestions and connections if you have any please share it with us!

Please also join our Discord to stay up to date with all IHSEA events.


  1. Activate your club with NASEF
  2. Register your club here for the IHSEA
  3. Fall Activities- Overwatch, Rocket League
  4. Attend General Managers/Coaches Meeting
  5. Join Discord if you haven’t already

We are excited to get this year off the ground. If you have any questions feel free to email or contact us on Discord.

Thank you,
Todd McFarlin – Co-Founder/President